A princess from a quasar

alias: Himari

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( model: Tsuruhime from Sengoku Basara )

Hailing from a quasar far-far away beyond the comforts of the Milky Way. Agalactic priness with a curiousity to feed and intellegnce every growing has come to your planet to study the aspect of friendship, companionship, romance, and other silly little things your fellow humanoid types particpate in. Are you ready to answer all her questions and fill her with the knowledge she needs?


quasar-girl replied to your post: Himari leeches hugs on to Chizuru before resting her chin on her shoulder to watch her get harassed by the grey-face.

“Friend?” she inquired to Chizuru as she blinked for a moment.

She smiled kindly at the girl and nodded. “Himari is my friend,” she agreed. She looked at the grey face who had bothering her. “Grey face is not.”

Score! Her first friend…well at least vocally. The Alien Princess felt so proud, “Friend!” Of course, she was looking atthe Grey-face too. Why isn’t it your friend?

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What a curious young woman… His left eye was practically burning at the sight of her. A pleasant burning, but burning no less.

“Well hello there, and just what have we here?” he leaned a little closer to inspect her, brushing some hair aside, giving the faintest, brief view of that glimmering red, left, sphere. “You aren’t from around here, are you?”

It wasn’t hard to tell that her body wasn’t normal. There was a lot of rumors going on about this girl, touching other people. Body parts, skins, hair, whatever she could find, she would touch and mimic so her body would mimic the outward appearance of the humanoid species; however, her inside were that of pure burning energy.

The moment he got close, she couldn’t help but lean back. However, she was only mimicking the actions of a human girl she saw act when she did it to her. Curious though would overtake her as she leaned close to him. Sniff. Sniff. His energy was much different then the humans! Finally someone know understands!

"╜⌠⌡1╣y☺0√zy♫♀♥☻♣1!^&*%%^*!" What was she even saying?

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This man. He is scary looking like he could scare a small baby elephant up a tree along with the entire petting zoo. His outfit though…dem hips WAS kind of fabulous, she was just going to go the other way now.

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“What… was that… for…?”

He blankly stared at the girl, unsure of what just happened.

Air would puff up into her cheeks as the young alien princess look at him with one of those ‘You tricked me’ looks! Clearly, she didn’t know what to say to him because she only knew so many words and phrases but she expressed an emotion she didn’t understand, “Frustrating.”

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Haha, she didn’t seen your follow! Himari was mildly embarrasses because she greeting and saw this person late while being distracted by a fuzzy flying creature. She didn’t even exactly know what it was but it made a buzzing sound!

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Another new person? How should she greet this one? By a simple sign holding up her name: HI MA RI. Hello human, she swears she is only hear to learn about emotions, relationships, and what makes you all human so she can rule her world properly!

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By the great Milky Way, this one was beautiful. His hair was something most human woman would kill to have. Wait, why is she assuming…he is a he… what is he is a she. Some excitement given as the small alien girl REACHED for Hijikata’s chest and groped.

Her eyes widen as she pouts.

Damn, there is nothing there…why on Earth…these men who were following her - are gorgeous? Oh, Himari such an in term.


Well, the girl obviously couldn’t understand what she was saying. The best thing that could be done was try to find someone who could understand her and maybe translate.

She was about to make a “come with me” motion when she felt hands on her chest. “E-eh?!” she exclaimed, blushing. “What are you…?” she had heard that in some places they were more physically affectionate, but that was a bit much.

Did she understand her!? The alien princess would understand the gesture and trot after she removed her hands form her chest, she patted her chest. So she is like her-female? So then what do males feel like. CURIOUS! Her hand tossed up in the air before she looks at Chizuru. What is she?

A sign would removed with the simple name: HI MA RI

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Inhuman is correct, homo sapien! Her wave was combat with a more fanatic wave. The silent game or would it be a game of charades - she trots over happily before looking at Heisuko curiously.

She took a step back, wondering what the inhuman figure was looking at.  She gave a small smile, and eyed her curiously as well.  Never had she seen something so human-like, yet so inhuman.  It left Heisuko in awe, wondering how this could happen.

Awkward Silence…

Before finally, the alien girl would make her shy trek towards Heisuko only to curious prod and poke at her. Did she really stand out? The girl could only wonder, granted by human terms, an airy gasp give as she smiles only to wonder about this one. This one was very strange—how she wish she could tell her what her name was here on this planet! Oh, wait.

One hand was held up before she pulled out a sign that was in Japanese Hiragana: It said HI MA RI. Her hand point to herself.

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